Pastors and Mentors
KALEO partners with local church pastors and ministry mentors in the lives of junior and senior high school students exploring God’s call, passion, and potential for Christian leadership.  KALEO utilizes local congregations to foster growth through community, mentoring relationships, and ministry/mission development in the local context from which the student originates.


The Mentor Form is to be completed by the person mentoring the student with the program. Every student applying for the program needs to have a mentor. A mentor should be a pastor or other church leader who desires to mentor the student in the program. The mentor and/or student return the completed Mentor Form to the nominator. 
    × The mentor and nominator can be the same person. 
    × The mentor and student must be the same gender. 
    × The mentor cannot be a family member. 
    × The mentor and student both need to sign the Mutual Statement of Commitment on the Mentor Form.